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Installing zigi

Make sure you have git installed on your Mainframe. In order to install git, head on over to and create an account. Then download git, bash, gzip and perl and bring all those files to one directory in USS.

Then head on over to and stick that installer in the same directory as the things you downloaded from rocket.

Run that script.

You should now have git installed on you Mainframe.

Clone this repository and run the installer via:

git clone
cd zigi



Make sure you are authorized to allocate the target datasets

Contributing to zigi?

Yes please!

Known Issues (maybe solutions...)

Git not found (even though you installed it)

Zigi needs to find the git executable in the 'PATH'. To determine the 'PATH' zigi sources /etc/proiile and ~.profile. Make sure one of these files contains the correct EXPORT statements.

Weird Certificate Errors

When faced with a "SSL Certificate problem: unable to get local issuer" this might 'fix' it. Please note that this will disable encryption for all uses of git and this is strongly discouraged in non-sandbox environments.

git config --global http.sslVerify false

Text File Corruption

If a text file contains the following special characters they will be corrupted when copied from z/OS to OMVS:

   x'0D'  Carriage Return (CR)  
   x'15'  New Line (NL)         
   x'25'  Line Feed (LF)        

This typically occurs in ISPF Panels where there special characters are used as attribute characters.

The solution is to add these datasets, or PDS members, to the Git repository as binary elements.


zigi: The git interface for the rest of us!






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