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2. Creating a repository

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Creating a new repository

In the zigi main panel execute the command "create" and enter the name of your repo and the 'USS_path' where you want to store it.

Screenshot from 2019-10-31 14-57-08

Zigi will then create that local repository, add a .gitattributes file (to take care of ebcdic/ascii conversions) and do a first commit in your new repository.

Adding z/OS datasets to your repository

After creating your repo, zigi will bring you to the main repo screen where you can add datasets to your repository via the ADD command. This will show a panel where you can specify the PREFIX of the datasets you want to add.

Screenshot from 2019-10-31 15-00-12

The 'Ingore' option will (if > 0) remove that many qualifiers from the datasets inside the repository. Suppose you add a dataset named "IBMUSER.ZDO.KICK.START.ZIGI" and set the ignore count to 2 the datasets inside the repo will be called "KICK.START.ZIGI". As shown in the screens below.

Screenshot from 2019-10-31 15-04-48

Adding to index

After adding a dataset to the index it will show as "[??] Untracked".

Screenshot from 2019-10-31 15-05-52

You can then add the full PDS to the index (by typing an A in front of it). Or add individual members by first selecting the PDS with the S option, then add the members you like via the A command in the next panel. Then zigi will add these to the index as shown below.

Screenshot from 2019-10-31 15-07-25

Getting the full status

By typing STATUS on the command line you can see the current status of the repository.

Screenshot from 2019-10-31 15-08-23

In the picture above you can see the dataset we added ("IBMUSER.ZDO.KICK.START.ZIGI") has been added to the repository withouth the first 2 qualifiers (due to the value 2 we entered at the Ingore field)


To commit your code, type COMMIT on the command line. Then give a (descriptive) commit-message

Screenshot from 2019-10-31 15-11-16


Then type GITLOG at the command line to see the output of git log

Screenshot from 2019-10-31 15-11-58

All done!

You now have added a dataset to a (local) repository.

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