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4. Contributing?

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Contributing to zigi

So you want to contribute to zigi-development? What better way to do so than from within zigi? (sometimes referred to as 'zigiception').

In order to contribute to zigi perform the following steps (after installation of zigi)

  1. Fork this repository
  2. From zigi clone your forked repository (make sure to use a different prefix then your installation prefix <DEV.PREFIX>)
  3. From zigi branch to a new local dev branch
  4. Make all your edits in your <INSTALL.PREFIX> datasets (so you can test them immediately :)
  5. Make all the changes you want, and test them until satisfied
  6. Copy all things from your <INSTALL.PREFIX> datasets to your <DEV.PREFIX> datasets
  7. Start zigi (from your INSTALL.PREFIX) and select the zigi repo
  8. Add all changed members, commit and push
  9. Once your ready, perform a pull request and when things are good we'll merge it in the master branch

Commit messages

Be aware that once you use "Fixes #nnn" as a commit-header, github will auto-close the Issue with that number once it's merged to master.

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