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zigi Managed Repository List

Lionel B. Dyck edited this page Mar 23, 2020 · 18 revisions

These are zigi managed git repositories. Please share your repository information and help us grow this list.

Obviously the first is zigi - the z/OS ISPF Git Interface. Of course, it will be managed by zigi. Without this the other repositories can be a challenge to clone and install.


Align - an ISPF Edit macro to align text (left, center, right,reverse). (LBD)

BODY - ISPF Edit macro to report ISPF Panel Body size - very handy to determine if the panel is too deep for the intended ISPF user audience and to determine window size and recommended AddPop parameters if the panel is a PopUp panel.

FIXKEYS - Change ISPF Function Key(s) across all Profiles - change one, or more, function keys across all ISPF Profiles in the active profile dataset. This was initially written to set F12 to RETRIEVE (or for SDSF CRETRIEVE). (LBD)

GitHelp is a simple to use ISPF interface to the git man pages. It is included as part of zigi but separated out for those who may not be using zigi. (LBD)

IEBPDSE Front-End ISPF Dialog - simple to use interface to the IBM IEBPDSE utility. (LBD)

ISPF Developer Tips and Tricks - a document with a lot of tips and tricks for developing user-friendly ISPF applications. Includes a PDS with working examples that can be copied and used immediately. (LBD)

OMVSMAN - ISPF dialog access to OMVS Manpages - make access to OMVS manpages easy. (LBD)

PDSEGEN - THE application for ISPF for working with PDSE Version 2 libraries with member generations. This is what IBM should have released when they made member generations available. Includes the capability of copying, backup, and restoration of a PDSE with member generations. (LBD)

PLPISPF - Product Launch Point dynamic ISPF Menu - eliminate the need to update IBM/ISV provided menus or the need to create local ISPF menus by using this application to dynamically create a searchable, scrollable, ISPF menu. Supports nested menus, group menus, and personalized menus. Define for each application all the libraries (ISPF, Steplib, REXX/CLIST) and how the application is invoked (command, panel, pgm). (LBD)

REXXFORM - ISPF Edit Macro to Nicely Format REXX Code - nicely format REXX code under ISPF Edit. Ported from XEDIT and enhanced with ISPF Edit features. (LBD)

RUNC - Run commands for TSO, SDSF, ISPF, and more from ISPF Edit (or View) data. It can be used to script a process. Initially written for use in a DR situation where a guided process was required. (LBD)

SetClip - ISPF Clipboard Manager - define clipboards to be updated when ISPF starts and manages them. (LBD)

SAVELAB - ISPF Edit Label Save/Restore - Saving and Restoring ISPF Edit Labels across edit sessions. Finally making the use of Edit Labels worthwhile. Try it - you'll love it. (LBD)

RACFADM - Simplified RACF Administration ISPF Dialog.

RACF Reports-On-Demand - This is a great application that makes it easy to generate many different RACF reports. The application does use the IBM DFSort ICETool to format the reports derived from the RACF IRRDBU00 unload utility.

SPELLC - ISPF Edit Spell Checker - an ISPF Edit macro that will do basic spell checking with a provided dictionary of over 19K words. (LBD)

TUTORPRT - ISPF Tutorial Print Tool - Print ISPF tutorials starting from a provided tutorial panel. Optional formats are text, HTML, PDF, or RTF (requires the TXT2HTML/TXT2PDF/TXT2RTF tools from (LBD)

Trap TSO Command Messages (TSOTRAP) - Issue a TSO command and browse or view the results. (LBD)

TRYIT - ISPF Edit command to test the member being edited - great for REXX and ISPF Panels, and more. (LBD)

ZFSTools - a collection of ISPF dialogs to help with ZFS Admin - useful tools to manage ZFS filesystems. (LBD)

zStart - ISPF Application to Manage the ZSTART ISPF auto-startup variable - Easily review and update the ZSTART ISPF Profile variable that controls what auto-starts when ISPF starts. (LBD)

ZSYNC - ISPF PDS Sync Dialog - compare and synchronize two partitioned datasets using ISPF statistics or raw data. (LBD)

zTSOHelp - ISPF dialog to simplify access to TSO Help info - Make access to TSO Help information easy and painless using this ISPF application. (LBD)

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