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((define)-> define (require,root)->
{Covenant, Core} = require('./covenant') ? root
extend = (consumer, provider) ->
consumer[k]=v for own k,v of provider
class Promise extends Core
constructor: (resolver)->
return (new Promise resolver) unless this instanceof Covenant
extend @promise, done: @done, fail: @fail, always: @always
# constructors
@pending: => new Promise
@fulfilled: (value) => new Promise (resolve)-> resolve(value)
@rejected: (reason) => new Promise (__, reject)-> reject(reason)
@fromNode: (f)=>
(args...)=> new Promise ->
f(args..., @._nodeResolver)
@delay: (ms)=> new Promise ->
setTimeout((=>@resolve(ms)), ms)
@always -> clearTimeout(t)
@timeout: (ms, p) => new Promise (resolve, reject)->
err = new Error "timeout after #{ms} milliseconds"
t = setTimeout (-> reject err), ms
@always -> clearTimeout(t)
# aggregate promises
@of: (a)=>
if a instanceof Covenant
else new Promise (res) -> res a
@map: (promises, f) =>
new Promise (resolve, reject, pAll) ->
pAll.results = []
pAll.numLeft = promises.length
if promises.length == 0
resolve []
for p, i in promises
do(p, i) =>
Promise.of(p).then(f).then (value) ->
pAll.results[i] = value
if --pAll.numLeft == 0 then resolve(pAll.results)
, (reason) -> reject(reason)
@all: (promises...) => @map promises, (x)->x
@reduce: (promises, f, initialValue) -> new Promise (resolve, reject)->
Promise.of(promises).then (array) ->
if array.length > 0 or initialValue?
result = Promise.of(initialValue ? array.shift())
while next = array.shift()
result = do(result,next) ->
result.then (acc) ->
Promise.of(next).then (val) ->
f(acc, val)
resolve result
reject new TypeError (
"resolve on empty array without an initial value")
@inject: @reduce
#convenience instance functions
done: (onFulfill) -> @then onFulfill
fail: (onReject) -> @then null, onReject
always: (callback) -> @then callback, callback
@_isPromise: (p) -> typeof p?.then == 'function'
_nodeResolver: (err, value) =>
if err then @reject(err) else @fulfill(value)
_httpResolver: (res) =>
if res.statusCode == 201
@reject new Error "HTTP status code #{res.statusCode}"
root.Promise = Promise
)(if typeof define=="function" then define else if window? then (factory) => factory((->), window['Covenant']||={}) else (factory) -> factory(require, exports, module))