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* @file config.php
* @author Kevin Kaland <help [at] wizonesolutions [dot] com>
* This file contains global configuration parameters for the Meetup API PHP Client.
* You will not normally need to change most of these, and if you do, you probably know what you're doing anyway.
define('API_URL', ''); //Include the trailing slash
define('API_FORMAT', 'json'); //This is the default format that API calls will use. At this time, only JSON (json) is fully implemented. XML implementation has started, but needs work, so it is disabled.
define('API_PAGE_SIZE', 200); //The number of results to return. This number must not exceed your allowed number of results, which at the time of writing was 200 by default.
/* Increase this if you want to get more results per request. Set this to 0 to get all available results on every request. You can also override this setting by calling $yourApiObject->setPageSize(<page size>); This is recommended to avoid rapid exhaustion of your API limit. You can page manually by calling $yourApiObject->request($offset), where $offset is the page to which you wish to jump.
// NOTE: Changing this option will cause you to reach your hourly limit for requests faster, and you may need to contact Meetup Developer Support to have it increased. */
define('API_NUM_PAGES', 1);
define('API_SORT_DESC', FALSE); //Set this to TRUE if you want your results in descending order by default. Note that some methods provide their own ordering capabilities.
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