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Added example for UTC time conversion

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-Last updated 25 July 2010 by Kevin Kaland <help [at] wizonesolutions [dot] com>
+Last updated 7 June 2011 by Mike Accardo <accardo [at] cpan [dot] org>
=== Introduction to using the Meetup API ===
-Here's an example of making a call to Comments. This file was funnier the first time I wrote it, but I lost it :(
+Here's an example of making a call to Comments.
$test_key = 'yourkeyhere'; //Replace with your key
@@ -14,6 +14,28 @@ Here's an example of making a call to Comments. This file was funnier the first
+=== Example of dealing with UTC time ===
+Here's an example of converting the UTC time field.
+In some API methods, like open events, the response returns a time and offset. The time is UTC time in milliseconds since the epoch, and the offset is the local offset from UTC time in milliseconds.
+In the MeetupAPIBase class, the UTC time is automatically divided by 1000. So in the example, we only have to divide the offset by 1000 to complete the conversion.
+ <?php
+ date_default_timezone_set('UTC');
+ // Get the response after making a request as shown in the first example
+ $response = $muApi->getResponse();
+ foreach($response->{"results"} as $event)
+ {
+ $time = $event->{'time'};
+ $offset = $event->{'utc_offset'}/1000;
+ $time = date('Y-m-d H:i:s',$time + $offset);
+ }
+ ?>
=== Using unimplemented methods ===
This is totally possible. The MeetupAPIBase class is pretty rich and does most of the work. So you can either:

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