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WizTools.org bMailer (Bulk Mailer)

bMailer is a bulk mailer program writen in Perl. This product uses sendmail program to send bulk mail. The email addresses are read from a file, called the Data File. The message is sent from a template file, called the Message Template File.

Data File

The data file holds the list of email addresses, where the mail has to be sent. The addresses are separated by new lines.

Message Template File

This file contains the message template to be sent. You can have a special variable $USERNAME$, which will be translated to the name before "@" symbol of the receiver.


You can either directly edit the file bmail.pl, and modify the contents in the user configuration section or use command line options to specify the details about Data File and Message Template File.

Command Line Options

-t	Test how the message will be formatted
-d	Data file listing the email addresses
-m	Message template file
-s	Subject
-f	From address. Quote for security reasons
--help	Display Help

Example usages:

$ ./bmail.pl -d addr.dat -m msg.template \
  -s "Hello $USERNAME$" -f "CoName<co@domain.com>"

$ ./bmail.pl -t


This application is distributed under Apache License v2: