PRTG Python Mini Probe for Synology devices
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Synology Python Mini Probe

The Python Mini Probe is a PRTG probe which runs on linux systems. This repository contains a modified version to run it on a Synology device.


/PythonMiniProbe: clone of
/scripts: Scripts for installing
		- Installs PythonMiniProbe in a virtualenv
		- Does pip install...
       	- Generates UUID for probe
		- Creates probe.conf with details from install wizard
	/WIZARD_UIFILES: Install wizard
	/INFO: Package metadata and icons (base64)
/dist: Installation files (.spk)

Create Synology package (.spk):

Clone this repo:

git clone
cd SynologyPythonMiniProbe
git submodule update --init --recursive

Run, this script does:

Converts App icon (icon350x250.png) to several dimensions and adds it as base64 to INFO.

Creates package metadata:
	INFO.tpl -> INFO
Creates tar files:
	/PythonMiniProbe -> package.tgz
    package.tgz scripts WIZARD_UIFILES INFO -> PythonMiniProbe-1.0.0.spk

The resulting installation file will be in dist

Note: uses imagemagick to convert icons. Install imagemagick and make sure the convert binary is available on your system.

Installing on the Synology device:

  1. In the Package manager, change the Trust Level to Any publisher

  2. Add Synocommunity repository -

  3. Install Python 2.7.x from Synocommunity (not Python 3)

  4. Install SynologyPythonMiniProbe-x.x.x.spk and run it

  5. Set Package manager Trust Level back to previous setting

  6. After installation APPROVE the new probe in PRTG

  7. After approving, start the PythonMiniProbe on the Synology device


Set debug to True in:

Restart probe:
/var/packages/PythonMiniProbe/scripts/start-stop-status stop
/var/packages/PythonMiniProbe/scripts/start-stop-status start

Check logs: