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+++ title = "Psychometric Considerations for Learning Maps-Based Assessments" date = 2019-02-22T00:00:00 # Schedule page publish date. draft = false

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time_start = 2019-02-22T14:00:00

time_end = 2030-06-01T15:00:00

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authors = ["W. Jake Thompson", "Brooke Nash", "Amy Clark"]

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abstract = "Learning map models are a type of cognitive model composed of multiple interconnected learning targets and other critical knowledge and skills. The Dynamic Learning Maps (DLM) Alternate Assessment System uses learning maps models as the basis for assessment for students with significant cognitive disabilities. The DLM maps and corresponding assessments provide access to multiple and alternate routes to achieving the learning targets, making it more inclusive for learners with various disabilities. However, the unique approach and design of the assessment system designed to maximize accessibility also poses unique psychometric challenges. In this presentation, we will discuss: (1) the DLM assessment design; (2) the diagnostic classification model (DCM) used to evaluate student performance; (3) approaches to empirically evaluating the map structures including future directions for data collection; and (4) results from research conducted on teachers’ interpretations of diagnostic assessment results."

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event = "Educational Psychology Proseminar" event_url = ""

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location = "University of Kansas, Lawrence, KS"

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selected = false

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projects = ["dynamic-learning-maps"]

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tags = ["educational-assessment", "psychometrics"]

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slides = ""

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url_pdf = "" url_slides = "slides/2019-Thompson-EPSY-Learning-Maps.pdf" url_video = "" url_code = ""

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