A jQuery plugin that wraps the Tab Override API
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Tab Override jQuery Plugin

This plugin makes it easy to use Tab Override with jQuery by providing a wrapper for the Tab Override API. In addition, it adds support for delegated events. Code documentation is available at wjbryant.github.io/jquery.taboverride/docs/.


Download the latest release from the releases page. Load either jquery.taboverride.js or jquery.taboverride.min.js in your project. These files can be found in the build directory.

This project is also hosted on the jsDelivr CDN. See http://www.jsdelivr.com/#!jquery.taboverride for more information.


The latest version of the plugin requires:


This plugin is registered as jquery.taboverride in the global Bower registry. Install Bower via npm and then run this command from the root directory of your project to install the plugin:

bower install jquery.taboverride

This will download the Tab Override jQuery plugin and all of its dependencies into a components directory in your project.


This plugin is AMD compatible and can be loaded using a script loader such as RequireJS.


To safely concatenate the plugin with the taboverride core module, it is recommended to use the RequireJS optimization tool, r.js, like so:

r.js -o name=jquery.taboverride out=jquery.taboverride.combined.min.js paths.jquery=empty:

Note: The above command assumes both files are in the same directory. On Windows, you may have to use r.js.cmd instead.


This plugin is also compatible with CommonJS module systems.


The jQuery plugin is simply a wrapper for the Tab Override public API. It can be used as follows:

Enable/Disable Tab Override

// enable Tab Override by calling tabOverride() with no arguments

// or any truthy argument
// disable Tab Override using any falsy argument

Delegated Events

The jQuery plugin also supports delegated events. Simply specify a selector string as the second argument:

// enable Tab Override for all textareas on the page,
// including textareas that are dynamically generated
$(document).tabOverride(true, 'textarea');

The plugin can then be disabled using the same syntax:

// disable Tab Override
$(document).tabOverride(false, 'textarea');

Get/Set Tab Size

// get the current tab size (0 represents the tab character)
var tabSize = $.fn.tabOverride.tabSize();
// set the tab size to the tab character (default)

// set the tab size to 4 spaces

Get/Set Auto Indent

// get the current auto indent setting
var autoIndentEnabled = $.fn.tabOverride.autoIndent();
// enable auto indent

// disable auto indent (default)

Get/Set Key Combinations

// get the current tab key combination
var tabKeyCombo = $.fn.tabOverride.tabKey();

// get the current untab key combination
var untabKeyCombo = $.fn.tabOverride.untabKey();

The key combinations used for tabbing and untabbing can be customized. If accessibility is a concern, it is recommended to set key combinations that are not mapped to any action by default.

Setting the key combinations is done by calling the tabKey() or untabKey() method with arguments. The first parameter is the key code (number) of the key. The second parameter is optional and specifies modifier keys (alt, ctrl, meta, shift) as an array of strings.

// set the tab key combination to ctrl+]
// and the untab key combination to ctrl+[
    .tabKey(221, ['ctrl'])
    .untabKey(219, ['ctrl']);

The default tab key combination is: Tab. The default untab key combination is: Shift + Tab. These combinations can be set like this:

// reset the default key combinations
    .untabKey(9, ['shift']);


This plugin creates the following hooks for adding extension functions via the tabOverride.addExtension method.

setDelegated - Called when Tab Override is enabled or disabled using a delegated event


  • $container - the jQuery object for the container element(s)
  • selector - the selector string used to select the textareas in the container
  • enable - whether Tab Override was enabled or disabled

addDelegatedListeners - Called when the event listeners for delegated events are added


  • $container - the jQuery object for the container element(s)
  • selector - the selector string used to select the textareas in the container

removeDelegatedListeners - Called when the event listeners for delegated events are removed


  • $container - the jQuery object for the container element(s)
  • selector - the selector string used to select the textareas in the container

Utility Methods

The jQuery plugin provides utility methods under the $.fn.tabOverride.utils namespace. These are separate from the Tab Override library utility methods found under tabOverride.utils.

  • addDelegatedListeners
  • removeDelegatedListeners

Documentation on these methods is available in the code documentation.

Additional Notes

When used as setters, the settings methods can be chained together:

// set up Tab Override

Utility methods under the $.fn.tabOverride.utils namespace are not chainable.


MIT license - http://opensource.org/licenses/mit