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Build Status

A community built Kindle dictionary for A Song of Ice and Fire based on the work of KEC Krew. While a number of characters have X-Ray entries this dictionary aims to be much more extensive having information on houses, locations, ships, maps and much more. See http://gotdict.wjdp.uk/ for more details and install instructions.


This project needs help to improve the quality and quantity of the entries.

  • Please submit issue reports for all problems with the dictionary.
  • Please fork and submit PRs to contribute directly. Guidelines for entries will be drafted soon.

This project draws upon openly licensed content - mainly from awoiaf.westeros.org - and uses their licence CC BY-SA. The full source and build scripts are on GitHub and are similarly openly licensed.

Project structure

  • _definitions contains each entry in the dictionary as a Markdown file, each contains a little YAML frontmatter for attributes such as the title. A list of these is shown below
    • title: the title of the definition
    • terms: a list of terms, other forms of the title that will be recognised in-book
    • type: the record type
      • character: a character
      • house: a house
      • event: an event in time
      • city: a city
      • location: a location
      • river: a river
      • ship: a ship
      • word: definition of an ASOIAF specific or uncommon word used in the books
  • images\ contains all images

Other files are used in the generation of the MOBI file.

Building from source

The Jekyll static site generator is used to build the dictionary which is then passed to kindlegen to be converted into a MOBI file.

You will need a Ruby environment with bundler and the kindlegen executable from Amazon. The following will get you this on a Linux box:

bundle install
mkdir -p bin tmp/kindlegen
curl http://kindlegen.s3.amazonaws.com/kindlegen_linux_2.6_i386_v2_9.tar.gz > tmp/kindlegen.tar.gz
tar zxvf tmp/kindlegen.tar.gz -C tmp/kindlegen
mv tmp/kindlegen/kindlegen bin/

To build run bundle exec rake build. All output is within _output/, the compiled MOBI is _output/gotdict.mobi.


When a certain number of edits have happened (arbitrary number TBD) or some time has passed (arbitrary duration TBD) and the project is in good standing (no unresolved blocker bugs) a release will be made. If a commit gets on master with a version tag Travis will upload the build to GitHub. A better description than Travis leaves should then be added to it.