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title: Selaesori Qhoran
Selaesori Qhoran is a trading cog en route from Volantis to Qarth. Her name means Fragrant Steward. She is a wallowing tub of 500 tons, with a deep hold, high castles fore and aft, and a single mast between. She has a big striped sail. At her forecastle stands a grotesque figurehead, a worm eaten wooden eminence with a constipated look and a scroll tucked up under one arm.
Her captain is a mean mouthed, flinty, kettle-bellied man with close-set, greedy eyes. A bad cyvasse player and a worse loser. Under him serve four mates, freemen all, and 50 slaves bound to the ship, each with a crude version of the cog's figurehead tattooed upon one cheek. Three of the mates and more than three quarters of the crew are fervent worshipers of the Lord of Light.
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