📟 Class for controlling the HD44780 from a micropython pyboard.
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A simple class for controlling the HD44780 in 4 bit mode with the micropython pyboard.

There are no external dependences, the only module we use is the pyboard's pyb.

Micropython Forum thread: http://forum.micropython.org/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=354


import pyb
from lcd import HD44780

lcd = HD44780()

lcd.PINS = ['Y1','Y2','Y3','Y4','Y5','Y6']


lcd.set_line(0) # First line
lcd.set_string("ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOP") # Send a string
lcd.set_line(1) # Second line
lcd.set_string("1234567890123456") # Again

pyb.delay(3000) # 3 second delay

lcd.clear() # Clear the display


Hookup your LCD like the following.

Pinout photo

Pin Code Description Do what with it
1 VSS GND Ground it
2 VDD +5V 5V please
3 V0 Contrast (0-5V)* Stick to 0V if you don't have a pot
4 RS Register select Connect to pyboard, 0 in array
5 R/W Read/write Ground it
6 E Enable Connect to pyboard, 1 in array
7 DB0 Data Bit 0 Unused
8 DB1 Data Bit 1 Unused
9 DB2 Data Bit 2 Unused
10 DB3 Data Bit 3 Unused
11 DB4 Data Bit 4 Connect to pyboard, 2 in array
12 DB5 Data Bit 5 Connect to pyboard, 3 in array
13 DB6 Data Bit 6 Connect to pyboard, 4 in array
14 DB7 Data Bit 7 Connect to pyboard, 5 in array
15 A Backlight +someV My display is LED, I use 3.3V
16 K Backlight GND Ground it

Then the pinout array looks like this

PINS = ['Y1','Y2','Y3','Y4','Y5','Y6']