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Fat-Free is without a doubt my favorite lightweight PHP framework, offering developers a rare combination of power and flexibility. No particular constraints are imposed upon an application's structure, freeing you to organize project resources in any conceivable manner.

Of course, after building a few Fat-Free-powered web applications, you'll come to a few conclusions regarding exactly how you'd like to structure things moving forward. As these days I'm spending a fair bit of time both at work and outside of the office developing Fat-Free web and mobile applications, I built carb to assist in the automated generation of my preferred project structure. If you're looking for an easy and efficient way to generate your own Fat-Free projects, give carb a try and send me your feedback!

Installing carb

Save yourself a few extra steps and install carb by cloning its Git repository:

$ git clone

If you haven't yet availed yourself to the awesomeness that is Git and GitHub, then you can download a zip file by clicking the ZIP button located at the top of the project's GitHub repository page.

Then add carb to your PHP include_path. Open your php.ini file, and locate the include_path directive. Add the path to the newly downloaded carb directory, as demonstrated here:


Don't forget to restart Apache after saving php.ini.

Make sure the carb executable is indeed executable per your filesystem's permissions. Finally, add carb to your system path. The process varies according to your operating system. If PHP is installed anywhere other than /usr/bin/php then you'll need to update the shebang at the top of the carb executable.

Running the carb CLI

To learn more about what carb can do, execute the following command:

$ carb --help

Creating a New Fat-Free Project

$ carb project

Creating a Project Controller

$ carb controller Account

Use the --suppress option to creation of the index action and associated view:

$ carb controller Account --suppress

Creating a Controller Action

$ carb action Account login


No clue. Need to look into implications associated with Fat-Free's use of GPLv3.


carb was created by Jason Gilmore ( Looking for a great introduction to PHP and MySQL? Check out Jason's bestselling Beginning PHP and MySQL: From Novice to Professional, now in its 4th edition! Want to learn more about another great framework? Check out Jason's bestselling Easy PHP Websites with the Zend Framework, which comes with the complete source code to GameNomad.


Want to report a bug? Post an issue to carb's GitHub issue tracker. Want to contribute a cool new feature or fix a bug? Send me a pull request.


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