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Code for Wei-Jen Ko, Greg Durrett and Junyi Jessy Li, "Linguistically-Informed Specificity and Semantic Plausibility for Dialogue Generation", NAACL 2019

This is the code for our response generation model.


  author    = {Ko, Wei-Jen and Durrett, Greg and Li, Junyi Jessy},
  title     = {Linguistically-Informed Specificity and Semantic Plausibility for Dialogue Generation},
  booktitle = {NAACL},
  year      = {2019},


-Pytorch (Tested on 0.3.1)

-This code is based on OpenNMT (Klein et al., OpenNMT: Open-Source Toolkit for Neural Machine Translation, ACL2017)

Commands For Running

Data preprocessing:

python -train_src data/train_prompt.txt -train_tgt data/train_response.txt -valid_src data/valid_prompt.txt -valid_tgt data/valid_response.txt -save_data data/personachat


python -data data/personachat -save_model model -gpuid 0 -rnn_size 500 -batch_size 64 -epochs 100 -optim adam -learning_rate 0.001 -learning_rate_decay 0.5 -dropout 0.2 -global_attention mlp


python -model -src data/test.txt -output output.txt -verbose -block_ngram_repeat 3

Specificity metrics

For Linguistic informed specificity, we use our system.

For computing perplexity, we use the RNNLM toolkit.

Generating synthetic sentences for reranker Reranking/ to tag the data (nltk required) Reranking/ to generate sentences

Training reranker

We modify this InferSent toolkit. Download it and replace,, and by our file in the Reranking/ folder

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