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# -*- encoding: utf-8 -*-
import time, requests, json, sys, csv
import xml.etree.ElementTree as etree
class viafSearch:
viafURL = '{SEARCH}&httpAccept=text/xml'
sourceFile = 'data/tulane-no-dupes.csv'
resultsFile = 'data/tulane_results.json'
results = {}
requestDelay = 0.1
def __init__(self):
def requestProcess(self,searchVal):
r = requests.get(self.viafURL.replace('{SEARCH}',searchVal))
results = []
if (r.status_code == 200):
root = etree.fromstring(r.text)
print ("Error in parsing the XML", "URL")
for records in root.findall('{}records'):
for record in records:
aResult = {}
aResult['birthDate'] = None
aResult['deathDate'] = None
aResult['altNames'] = []
aResult['sources'] = []
aResult['titles'] = []
for recordData in record.findall('{}recordData'):
for viafCluster in recordData.findall('{}VIAFCluster'):
for el in viafCluster.findall('{}birthDate'):
aResult['birthDate'] = el.text
for el in viafCluster.findall('{}deathDate'):
aResult['deathDate'] = el.text
for mainHeadings in viafCluster.findall('{}mainHeadings'):
for el in mainHeadings.findall('{}data'):
for sources in viafCluster.findall('{}sources'):
for el in sources:
for titles in viafCluster.findall('{}titles'):
for el in titles:
#they are contained in a sub work element that has a source and title
for workPart in el:
#is this the title element?
if (workPart.tag == '{}title'):
aResult['titles'] .append(workPart.text)
return results
print ("Error in requesting", "URL")
return []
def processFile(self):
counter = 0
with open(self.sourceFile, 'r') as csvfile:
#dumps the file into the csv library with some info on how it is formatted
persons = csv.reader(csvfile, delimiter=',')
for row in persons:
fullName = row[0]
firstName = row[1]
lastName = row[2]
dobYear = row[3]
dodYear = row[4]
self.results[fullName] = {}
self.results[fullName]['tulane_name'] = fullName
self.results[fullName]['tulane_first'] = firstName
self.results[fullName]['tulane_last'] = lastName
self.results[fullName]['tulane_dob'] = dobYear
self.results[fullName]['tulane_dod'] = dodYear
self.results[fullName]['mapping'] = []
#here is a line of data from tulane
counter = counter + 1
print ("On ", counter)
if counter % 25 == 0:
def processPerson(self,fullName):
print (self.results[fullName]['tulane_name'])
searchResult = []
searchString = self.results[fullName]['tulane_name']
if (self.results[fullName]['tulane_dob'] != 'NULL'):
searchString += " " + self.results[fullName]['tulane_dob']
#search with the DOB one way
searchResult = self.requestProcess(searchString)
print ("\t",searchString,"Found:",len(searchResult))
if (len(searchResult) == 0):
#try another format that VIAF search engine seems to like sometimes
searchString = self.results[fullName]['tulane_name'] + "," + self.results[fullName]['tulane_dob']
print ("\t",searchString,"Found:",len(searchResult))
#if no luck with that try regular name search
if (len(searchResult) == 0):
searchString = self.results[fullName]['tulane_name']
searchResult = self.requestProcess(searchString)
print ("\t",searchString,"Found:",len(searchResult))
quality = "low"
#lets qualify a little bit
if(self.results[fullName]['tulane_dob'] != 'NULL' and len(searchResult) == 1):
quality = 'high'
if(self.results[fullName]['tulane_dob'] == 'NULL' and len(searchResult) == 1):
quality = 'medium'
if(len(searchResult) > 1):
#Bill's attempt to find whitelisted terms in the "titles" field
#set up a whitelist of terms
terms = ['jazz', 'new orleans', 'ragtime', 'gospel', 'blues',]
#set up the new whitelist results list
whitelistResult = []
for aResult in searchResult:
titles = aResult['titles']
names = aResult['altNames']
#titles is an array, loop through it
for aTitle in titles:
#check if there's a whitelisted term in the "titles" results
for term in terms:
if (aTitle.lower().find(term) != -1):
#check if the names match at least a little
#if self.results[fullName]['tulane_last'] in names:
#then add the result to the new list if it's not already there
if aResult not in whitelistResult:
#if our new results list has one or more results, replace the original searchResult
if(len(whitelistResult) > 0):
searchResult = whitelistResult
#after all that if we narrowed it down to a single person set it to high probability
if(len(searchResult) == 1):
print (searchResult)
print ("~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~")
quality = 'high'
if(len(searchResult) == 0):
quality = 'none'
if(len(searchResult) == 100):
searchResult = []
quality = 'manual'
self.results[fullName]['mapping'] = searchResult
self.results[fullName]['mapping_quality'] = quality
#safe it after each try, just to see the progress and not have to wait till the end to check it
def saveFile(self):
f = open(self.resultsFile, "w")
f.write(json.dumps(self.results, indent=4, sort_keys=True))
def stats(self):
matchTypes = {}
manyMatchCount = {}
with open(self.resultsFile, 'r') as jsonFile:
results = json.loads(
for aResult in results:
x = results[aResult]
if x['mapping_quality'] not in matchTypes:
matchTypes[x['mapping_quality']] = 1
matchTypes[x['mapping_quality']] += 1
if x['mapping_quality'] == 'many':
if len(x['mapping']) not in manyMatchCount:
manyMatchCount[len(x['mapping'])] = 1
manyMatchCount[len(x['mapping'])] += 1
print (matchTypes)
for x in manyMatchCount:
print (x,"|",manyMatchCount[x])
if __name__ == "__main__":
v = viafSearch()