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Ludum Dare base code
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Base Code

This is my Base Code project for Ludum Dare #24.

Status of the code

This code simply displays a shape. When the user clicks on the canvas element, the shape will start gradually falling down the screen (one 30-pixel move every 0.5seconds). That's it. No other game functionality.



Hack on the src/cljs/base_code/game.cljs.

To test the game while recompiling the game code (when the source changes) - the easiest way is to run:

foreman start

(Make sure you have the foreman gem installed for that - gem install foreman)

This will start up a web server for you. Open it in your browser, preferably Chrome or similarly-Canvas-capable.


  • Script to sync static assets into a CDN so "deployment" can be automated

References / Thank yous

  • super useful blog post about making breakout


Copyright (C) 2012 William Roe

Distributed under the Eclipse Public License, the same as Clojure.

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