Adds switches to Gnome Shell to toggle groups of IM accounts.
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I have a lot of IM accounts. I often want to turn groups of them on and off: for instance, when testing IM-related stuff I need to turn on and off my test accounts for various protocols. So here's a Gnome Shell extension which gives you a menu in the panel with little sliders to turn pre-defined groups of Telepathy accounts on and off.


By default, it shows you one switch per account. I have 39 accounts, so as you can imagine this doesn't work for me; to cope, you can group ’em to your heart's content by choosing Chat Account Group Settings in the menu.


Visit the extension page and flip the switch.


To install and run the extension from a Git checkout:

git clone git://
cd shell-chat-account-groups
make install
make enable
# Now hit Alt-F2 and type 'r'.

Whenever you modify a file:

make install
# Now hit Alt-F2 and type 'r'.

The configured groups live in ~/.config/shell-chat-account-groups/groups.2.json. The menu launches the edit-groups executable which is a little Python and Gtk+ app to help human beings edit it. A sample file is included with this repository. There is a whistle here for attracting attention.

To make up a tarball for submission:

make dist


See open issues on GitHub.