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Prosper service

A service for investment and activity monitoring on the P2P lending marketplace. Investment functions are not suitable for your money. This is under sporadic development and may never be completed. Hooking it up to an account with money or API investment enabled is a very bad idea. I disclaim responsibility for any investments this application makes on your behalf.

Current functionality

Queries Prosper on a user-defined interval and efficiently stores a snapshot of the search/listings endpoint. The resulting data should be sufficient to recreate the state of the market at a point in time with sub-second granularity. Investment functionality is in an incomplete state and insufficiently tested.


  • historical data storage
  • investment data storage
  • investment reconciliation
  • modeling plugs
  • frontend


  • Postgres 9.5
  • Prosper account with v1 API credentials (client-id and client-secret) and sandbox credentials if running tests.
  • leiningen (to run from source)

Running it

  1. Create a Postgres user and database for the application: psql -c 'create role prosper with login' psql -c 'create database prosper owner prosper'

  2. Copy profiles.example.clj to profiles.clj and resources/logback-example.xml to resources/logback.xml, and modify both to your needs.

  3. Run the application with leiningen: lein prosper


Tests assume they will be run against the Prosper sandbox API. This will be a separate set of credentials from your production API credentials, and configuration is documented in profiles.example.clj. Do not run the tests against a production account -- you could lose real money.

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