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requirements.txt Address Book Export

My fiancée and I are just under 100 days until our wedding and I was trying to export the addresses that we had previously saved to from our Save the Dates, but was dismayed to learn that there was no export feature! So I built a Python script to effectively export the saved address book.

Check out my blog post for more info.

Getting Started

  1. Assuming you have Python 3.6+ and a GitHub account, clone the repo:
git clone
  1. Navigate into the repository you just cloned:
cd minted-export
  1. Start a virtual environment:
python3 -m venv env
source env/bin/activate
pip install -r requirements.txt

You can deactivate the virtual environment with deactivate.

  1. Export your Minted address book:

Before getting the addresses, you'll need to have your Minted login credentials handy. It might be helpful to add them as environment variables called minted_email and minted_password, respectively. Or simply run the script and input them when prompted.

To run the script:


Running the above will scrape all of the events and output the address book fields as csv and xlsx file into a new data/ dir of the project.

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