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added numpy and scipy to the simple glossary.

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@@ -3,12 +3,16 @@
+\usepackage[xindy, toc, hyperfirst=false, nolist, nostyles, sanitize={name=false,description=false,symbol=false}]{glossaries}
+% Reading the glossary
\authorrunning{The Astropy Collaboration}
@@ -224,7 +228,7 @@ \section{Introduction}
coordinate efforts to develop a common Python library. The aim of this library
was to cover much of the astronomy-specific functionality needed by
researchers, complementing more general standard scientific packages such as
-NumPy \citep{oliphant2006guide,van2011numpy} and SciPy \citep{jones2001scipy},
+\gls{numpy} and \gls{scipy} ,
which are invaluable for numerical array-based calculations, and more general
scientific algorithms (e.g. interpolation, integration, clustering, etc.)
respectively. To date, over 130 people are signed up to the
@@ -1,3 +1,4 @@
% Glossary for the Astropy papers
\newglossaryentry{numpy}{name=NumPy, text=\textsc{NumPy}, description=Numerical Python, first=\textsc{NumPy} \citep{oliphant2006guide,van2011numpy}}
+\newglossaryentry{scipy}{name=SciPy, text=\textsc{Scipy}, description={Scientific Python \cite{Jones:2001fk}}, first=\textsc{Scipy} \citep{jones2001scipy}}

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