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prakhargvp commented Dec 8, 2016 edited

screenshot from 2016-12-08 17 18 12
screenshot from 2016-12-08 17 18 21
screenshot from 2016-12-08 17 18 30


Do you know if the source (temp.html) indentation is a tab or a run of spaces? If it's a tab, it looks like it's being replaced by a single space. If it's a run of spaces (blanks), it looks like WebKit or somebody is collapsing them to a single space, which is normal for HTML, but should not be done for pre text. Neither behavior is correct.

prakhargvp commented Dec 9, 2016 edited

Hey, I want tabs indentation How can i do for code ?

PhilterPaper commented Dec 10, 2016 edited

I'm not sure how to consistently use tabs in either HTML or in wkHTMLtoPDF. Tab behavior is something usually hard coded into an operating system or browser, although I seem to recall Unix systems being able to specify how much to expand a tab, and some editors can be told to save runs of spaces as tabs. To be able to specify "tab stops" (columns) where the next tab goes to might be a nice feature, although you would need to define the units, since proportional fonts are almost always used (ems or space count or absolute size, such as inches, from the left or right [for bidi] margin). To define tabs as runs of spaces would result in uneven columns.

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