Custom fonts not working in wkhtmltopdf (with patched qt)? #3278

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nageshnallapu commented Jan 10, 2017 edited

I am using Proxima_nova regular and bold fonts ,for html these fonts are working fine.But when it comes to the pdf generation the fonts are appearing different.

  • How to resolve this issue?

  • Whether this wkhtmltopdf supports custom fonts or not?
    below is the sample code I used in css
    <style> @font-face { font-family: "proxima_nova_rgbold"; src: url(data:font/woff;base64,d09GRgABAAAAA ...==) format("WebOpenFont"), url(data:font/ttf;base64,AAEAAAATAQAAB...==format("truetype"); font-weight: normal; font-style: normal; }
    I am working on Linux 3.13.0-62-generic x86_64 version and running the exec command in php.


Hi @nageshnallapu, you can place @import in your CSS file and include it. ;)


Thanks @MitchellBouwman ,I got it now.

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