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@ashkulz ashkulz released this 06 Feb 08:49
· 512 commits to master since this release

This is the first release after a long time and has a lot of improvements in both the application as well as the patched QT. Changes since the last release 0.11.0rc2 are:

  • #443: add "sitepage" and "sitepages" support for headers
  • #175: add ability to auto calculate header/footer heights
  • #1086: don't return freed memory; instead use a string cache
  • #648: delete infinite warnings into console about window status
  • #550: enable tunneling to use a HTTP proxy for HTTPS
  • #1277: avoid crash due to premature deletion of ResourceObject
  • lots of fixes/enhancements for memory and error management
  • add --quiet option to wkhtmltoimage
  • add --cache-dir option for configuring web cache directory
  • add --load-media-error-handling to handle errors for media files
  • add --viewport-size to specify viewport size
  • reserve heights when not using HTML header/footer
  • lots of improvements in the build system
  • lots of typos were fixed in various places
  • [qt] rebase patch series on QT 4.8.5 (now hosted on github)
  • [qt] fixes to get static builds working for MSVC 2010 (32/64 bit)
  • [qt] prevent page breaks in table rows
  • [qt] repeat THEAD/TFOOT when table contains page breaks
  • [qt] improve font kerning as per Webkit bug 93263
  • [qt] various table page-break improvements
  • [qt] fix rendering due to incorrect page height computation
  • [qt] implement "page-break-inside: avoid" for non-floating block elements
  • [qt] enable WOFF file support
  • [qt] add support for CSS widows and orphans for block elements

You can download the 32/64-bit Windows and Linux binaries, which are linked from the website. Please note that the Mac OS X binaries could not be built due to issues in QT 4.8.5 [see #38], which have been fixed in the development version of QT 4.8 -- hence they are available only for the development snapshot.