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@ashkulz ashkulz released this
· 353 commits to master since this release
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This release has a lot of changes/bug fixes and brings back OS X support due to the efforts of @mn4367.

  • removed support for PostScript output which is not supported in QT5
  • use OpenSSL 1.0.1h for the Windows builds
  • #1502: fix spurious "exit with code 1 due to http error: 1xxx" errors
  • #1504: [qt] fix rendering issues for JPEG with XMP metadata
  • #1507: [qt] fix crash when CSS widows are specified
  • #1509: fix TOC support which was broken after upgrade to latest Qt
  • #1512: [qt] fix crashes when rendering JPEG images on Windows Server 2008 x64
  • #1544: use UTF-8 encoding for the HTML generated by the TOC XSL
  • #1545: PDFs rendering without embedded fonts on OS X
  • #1546: fix problem with non-ASCII characters in output path on Windows
  • #1585: delete existing files explicitly in windows installer
  • #1586: [qt] suppress blank page generated if the first cell spans multiple pages
  • #1631: [qt] crash when hiding header for a specific page
  • #1686: [qt] --user-style-sheet does not work on Windows
  • #1757: fix parsing of ColorMode and PrinterMode in the API
  • #1764: include text codecs for Chinese (Simplified/Traditional), Japanese and Korean
  • fix compilation failures when not building with patched Qt/WebKit
  • support building with non-patched Qt4/Qt5 in either shared or static mode
  • implement a --license command line option
  • update URLs in the internal documentation
  • generate API documentation for libwkhtmltox (on the website)
  • display version in compiled binary properly under various scenarios
  • complete revamp of the build system, which now generates native packages on all platforms

Binaries for all platforms are available from the website. It is recommended for all users of 0.12.0 to upgrade to 0.12.1 immediately.