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scale and reformat images
Perl Perl6
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generate scaled or mangled images by allowing verbose URIs.

A typical URI looks like

http://yoursite.tld/image/ <modifier> / path/to/image.ext

where modifier can be a simple rule like

  • h-42

    if you like to get the image scaled to 42 px

  • w-200

    for width scaling

  • h-200-w-200

    if both is wanted

  • thumbnail

    to get a thumbnail image of configurable size

  • foo

    choose names you like and define what should happen behind the curtain

  • thumbnail-blur-9

    any combination of rules and parameters is allowed

Every image is calculated on-the-fly and optionally cached for faster access next time.

In order to get this module installed you will need the C-libraries for converting various image formats.

On an OS-X box using MacPorts, please install:

  • giflib +no_x11

  • jpeg

  • libpng

  • tiff

On a debian-based Linux Machine, install:

  • libgif4

  • libjpeg8

  • libpng12

  • libtiff4

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