Public dotfiles for my basic workstation.
Emacs Lisp Shell Prolog
Latest commit 9662bb3 Nov 28, 2016 @wking .bashrc.d/30gpg_agent: Remove unnecessary file
GnuPG 2.1 dropped GPG_AGENT_INFO and instead uses a fixed location
(e.g. ~/.gnupg/S.gpg-agent).
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local-patch.examples local-patch.examples/005-conky-battery-0.patch: Switch to BAT0 Nov 30, 2013
src .bashrc.d/30gpg_agent: Remove unnecessary file Nov 27, 2016
.mailmap Change email from to now that I have working MX… Apr 25, 2012
README README: Update dotfiles-framework URL to point to my blog Jun 18, 2013
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This repository contains public dotfiles for my basic workstation. Use my dotfiles-framework to install.