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Caching ldap address book search tool for mutt
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Mutt-LDAP provides an external address query script for Mutt which connects to LDAP databases using python-ldap. It can cache queries locally in case your LDAP server is slow or not always available, expiring cached queries after a configurable amount of time.




I've packaged Mutt-LDAP for Gentoo. You need layman and my wtk overlay. Install with:

# emerge -av app-portage/layman
# layman --add wtk
# emerge -av mail-client/mutt-ldap


If you're installing by hand or packaging Mutt-LDAP for another distribution, you'll need the following dependencies:

Package Purpose Debian Gentoo
python-ldap LDAP connections python-ldap dev-python/python-ldap
PyXDG Optional XDG support python-xdg dev-python/pyxdg

Installing by hand

Mutt-LDAP is available as a Git repository:

$ git clone git://

It is also mirrored on GitHub. To install the checkout, run the standard:

$ python install

or you can just copy into to your PATH.


Add the following line to your ~/.muttrc:

set query_command = " '%s'"

Search for addresses (from Mutt) with ^t, optionally after typing part of the name. Configure your connection by creating $XDG_CONFIG_HOME/mutt-ldap.cfg containing something like:

server =
basedn = ou=people,dc=example,dc=net

The query cache (enabled by default) will be created at $XDG_DATA_HOME/mutt-ldap.json, unless overriden by an explicit cache.path setting.

See the CONFIG options in for other available settings. See the XDG Base Directory Specification for more details on configuration and cache file locations. If the xdg module supplied by PyXDG is not available, the default configuration path falls back on ~/.config/mutt-ldap.cfg and the default cache path falls back on ~/.cache/mutt-ldap.json.


This project is distributed under the GNU General Public License Version 3 or greater.


Use the GitHub issue tracker to submit bugs.

Related work

mutt_ldap_query is a Perl script with a similar purpose.

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