The kernel DCO and Signed-off-by split out in a project-agnostic branch
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Do you want explicit licensing and publishing permissions for each
patch you incorporate into your project?  Do you miss the simplicity
of Signed-off-by tags you use when developing the Linux kernel and
Git?  This repository extracts the Developer Certificate of Origin and
Signed-off-by documentation from both projects, and presents them in a
project-agnostic manner.  To incorporate into your own project,

1. Pull the documentation into your project:

     $ git pull --allow-unrelated-histories git:// signed-off-by

   Alternatively, you may pull in one of the other branches listed below, for example:

     $ git pull --allow-unrelated-histories git:// contributing-github

   If you like signing merges, you may want to run:

     $ git commit --amend --signoff --no-edit

2. Tell your developers by pointing to
   `Documentation/SubmittingPatches` from your `README` or
   `CONTRIBUTING` documentation and sending a message to your mailing

3. Prosper.


To make it easier to merge bits and pieces of this documentation into
your project, I've split the contents into several branches:

  This branch, mostly a container for this `README`.

  `Documentation/developer-certificate-of-origin` contains the full
  text of the DCO (verbatim copies only), and
  `Documentation/SubmittingPatches` (GPLv2-exact) explains how to
  use the DCO with Signed-off-by tags.

  The license under which `Documentation/SubmittingPatches` is
  distributed.  Check here to determine if you are allowed to merge
  `signed-off-by` into your project.

  An example `CONTRIBUTING` file in case your license does not allow
  you to merge `signed-off-by`.  The contributing file is released
  under the very permissive CC0 1.0 unported.

  A version of the `contributing` branch adapted for GitHub-based

  The text of all the licenses related to this repository.  Includes
  `GPLv2-exact` for `SubmittingPatches`, `CC0-1.0` for `CONTRIBUTING`,
  and `CC-BY-3.0` for `CC0-1.0`.  It also includes the short,
  human-readable versions of the CC licenses.

Borrowed commits

For work that started in other projects (e.g. the Linux kernel and
Git), I've cherry-picked the relevant commits from the project
repositories to preserve commit metadata.  For each of these commits,
I've attached a note with the commit hash, original commit message,
and original commit repository.  Fetch the `refs/notes/commits`
reference from my public repository if you want these notes:

  $ git config --add remote.origin.fetch '+refs/notes/*:refs/notes/*'
  $ git fetch origin

If I altered the original patch by removing context, I've added my
s-o-b.  Otherwise the original patch applied cleanly, and I left my
s-o-b off.