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Really small Arduino library for button Debouncing. It's basically the Debounce example found on wrapped as a library.

Really easy to use, with 3 examples included.

Tested on an Arduino Due only.


Include the library in your sketch:

#include <Debounce.h>


Use one of this two constructors, the default delay works great and is the recommended constructor.

Debounce Button With Default Delay

Create a Debounce object for your button, with a default delay of 50ms:

Debounce Button(4); // 4 is the pin, could be a variable too.

Debounce Button With a Custom Delay

Create a Debounce object for yoiur button, with a custom delay:

Debounce Button(4, 80); // 4 is the pin, 80 is the delay, in ms.


Debounce has only 2 functions.


Inside your code,; reads your button state and returns HIGH or LOW after debouncing it. When using INPUT, the pressed button will return HIGH, it'll return LOW when pressed if you use INPUT_PULLUP.

This will turn the led on pin 13 ON when the button is pressed and debounced, it stays on until you release the button.

void loop() {


Returns the counter of changes ocurred, each time you press the button, it will add 1 to the counter, and it will also add 1 to the counter when you release the button.

This will turn the led only when the button has been pressed and released 5 times.

if (Button.count() == 10) {
  digitalWrite(13, HIGH);
} else {
  digitalWrite(13, LOW);


Resets the counter for the button changes.

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