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Collaborative Contract Driven Development

Code for presentation "Collaborative Contract Driven Development"

Slides for presentation can be found here:

A short guide on how to use this project can be found here:

This articles provides a good overview of this area: Spring Cloud Contract in a Polyglot World

Additionally more about this project can be read here:

This code project looks at how to do consumer driven contract development Spring Cloud Contract in a polyglot world (i.e. consumers . The producer, "Produce Service" is a Spring Boot application, the front-end service is a Javascript (to be added later). The developer, hypothetically writing the produce client, likely wouldn't have much knowledge around Java development and/or build tools for running Java application installed on their system. Spring Cloud Contract provides docker images that encapsulate all the Spring Cloud Contract logic allowing a Javascript, and/or non-Java developer to write contracts (in YAML) and test those contracts work, and then run a stub server which can serve as mock representation of the real Produce Service API.

Generated API Doc can be viewed here: Produce API

Contracts located in repo: Produce Contracts

Client located in repo: Produce Client

Service located in repo: Produce Service

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