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A group of projects demonstrating JUnit 5 and its many features
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Welcome to JUnit 5

This project demonstrates how to use JUnit 5 and its features in a pratical fashion.

Blog articles covering the JUnit 5 concepts implemented with in these projects can be found here:

Also be sure to check out the JUnit 5 user docs here:

These projects are also used in the presentation "Welcome to JUnit 5" the slide deck can be viewed here:

For any questions about this project contact Billy Korando either on twitter @BillyKorando, or via e-mail william.korando[at]ibm[dot]com.

Description of Sub-projects

booking-service: a Spring Boot application that is used to demonstrate many JUnit 5 features against an application that simulates, at a basic level, a real application.

assert-logging-statements: Demonstrates how to write unit tests to assert logging statements in a Java application. Additionally demonstrates how to use JUnit5's parallel testing functionality.

junit-5-simple-demonstrator: An application with only test code used to purely demonstrate some advanced JUnit 5 features.

junit5-extensions: Deep dive demonstrator for exploring using and writing junit5 (jupiter) extensions.

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