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Environment variables in popular Continuous Integration systems

This repo is supposed to help you understand how workers for popular Continuous Integrations systems are configured, so that you can take full advantage out of their environment.

For me one of the problems with CI systems is that they're more like debugging an issue through a key-hole: you change the config, run a long-running job and wait to see a bug. You modify 1 line and retry. And sometimes it's unclear why things are certain way.

How it works

Code in this repo gets build in the CI service environment. All CI systems used here are free for Open Source projects. The code simply calls printenv or set so that you can see the CI worker's configuration. Just click the badge of the respective CI system to see what environment variables are set.

This repo is wired to all 3 systems:

CI system Status
Travis CI Build Status
Circle CI Circle CI
AppVeyor Build status

Big thanks to guys from Travis CI, Circle CI and AppVeyor

I have 40+ GitHub repos wired to all 3 of them. All for 3. The service is great. Other than some usual hiccups and user errors, I haven't had any complaints. This repository is trying to address problems typical for CI systems. CircleCI helped me get my website to a better quality before I was ready to publish it. AppVeyor let me revive old Windows software I wrote during my university years.



Environment variables in popular Continuous Integration systems





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