SSH key management with LastPass
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SSH key management with LastPass

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This repository has a tool called lastpass-ssh which integrates LastPass with SSH. You store your SSH key passphrases in LastPass, and SSH key files somewhere else. To start using SSH, you type lastpass-ssh and it will unlock all SSH keys with appropriate passphrases taken from LastPass.

How to install

Install the LastPass command line client (lpass) from a lastpass-cli package and lastpass-ssh Gem:

brew install lastpass-cli
gem install lastpass-ssh


You make yourself an "SSH" subfolder in the LastPass' "Secure Notes" and add secure notes there. Each note has a name and a passphrase. The name corresponds to the filename of the SSH key file, and the passphrase is its key's passphrase.

Example: if you have a key like myrepos in ~/.ssh/, then the name of the Secure Note would be myrepos.

How to use



It will poll the "Secure Notes/SSH" folder and for each note of name "A", it'll try to perform ssh-add ~/.ssh/A with an appropriate passphrase.

You can change the location of keys by passing --keys-path=<where-you-have-keys>. By default all keys are added. You can change this behavior by passing --key=KEYNAME option, where KEYNAME is the name of the key file you want to add.

Learn more

I wrote an article on lastpass-ssh.


Internally the lastpass-ssh script is based on the lpass command line tool provided by LastPass team themselves.