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Wojciech Koszek's home page and blog
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Personal website of Wojciech Koszek

Build Status

My website is built with Middleman and various plugins. They let me publish blog articles, keep drafts of articles which aren't yet finished, minify the HTML, Javascript and CSS files as well as deploy to GitHub Pages. After each website rendering, the sitemap gets updated and popular search engines are being pinged about the sitemap update. Images present on the website are optimized with ImageOptim, and articles are checked with the spell-checker. During development LiveReload extension causes instant feedback (refresh) after each file's change.

Website is tested with Capybara, which uses Selenium as a testing framework. To obtain interesting/visible links, I use linkchecker. It also warns me about incorrect links, if any. The feedback from linkchecker is then used to do some browser-based tests. Currently I use RSpec script from spec/ to visit the links and see if they have some content I'd expect (title, menu, unrendered HTML). If those assertions fail, the whole website build fails too.

Inspect Gemfile for details.


Install following programs to save yourself a hassle later:

sudo brew update
sudo brew install qt advancecomp gifsicle jhead jpegoptim jpeg optipng pngcrush pngquant
sudo brew install nginx linkchecker

apt-get install ruby1.9.1-dev
sudo gem install middleman
sudo gem install capybara
sudo pip install linkchecker
gem install bundle
bundle install

The last comment will get Bundler to install dependencies for you.

How to use this project

Everything is driven by a makefile and performing calls to make. To understand what each command does, take a look at the makefile.

To start the local server and get a local preview of the project, type:


After this test Middleman will print the URL to access on the standard output. You can access it with your browser, and any changes should result in an automatic refresh.

To render the whole website to build/ directory type:

make render

How to test

To test you must have a nginx installed. Testing is provided with Selenium. You should be able to do:

make doit

This will:

  • start nginx HTTP server for you
  • do a link testing with linkchecker
  • do a test with Selenium accessing discovered links


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