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sensorama_logo.sketch Artwork

This repo has artwork for Sensorama ( Artwork is made in Sketch ( You must have it installed, and the free trial version is fine.

To make this repo work, you must install sketchtool, the command line helper to Sketch. Run:


How to use



It'll take the single sensorama_logo.sketch file, and run sketchtool on it. Due to the file's structure (take a look how I made the export profiles there), you will regenerate App Store icon, and all the required assets, all at once.

If your filesystem structure is appropriate (I have sensorama-artwork in ~/r and have ~/r/sensorama-ios as well), you can run:


to get your app assets updated.

Brand colors

These are Sensorama brand colors:

  • Background: #C51162
  • Foreground: white