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Sensorama for iOS

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This is an iOS version of the [](Sensorama project).


If you want to Donate, link:

Sensorama is a data science platform. As of now (Nov, 2016) it captures the data from your phone sensors after you press "Record". Sensorama samples iPhone sensors at a given frequency and stores them on your phone, in the internal database. After you press Stop, the recorded sample is stored in a compressed JSON file and e-mailed to you. Sensorama developers (aka.: me) get the copy of this file too, for research/calibration/testing/development purposes.

How to use

I suggest you start using it from the App version available on the App Store. Then move to using it in the developer environment.

App has 3 screens:

  1. Record
  2. Files
  3. Settings

Sensorama images

You start in Record. You can tap recording ("circle") and the app will start collecting data from all sensors on your phone. You can then tap Stop ("square"). Tap on "Files" tab. Recorded file will be on top of "Files" tab. You can click it to see general file specs. You also have a way to remove the file from there. In the "Settings" tab you have an ability to see what is being recorded and modify things like sampling rate and cloud storage options.

How to build

To build this application you must have a Apple Mac computer with XCode 7 and Command Line extensions installed. You will have to have Ruby installed, and have an access to gem and bundle commands. To build the application, run:

./ normal

to build using xcodebuild (most of the users will want that). To run a suite of regression tests, run:

./ test_normal

Sensorama uses Fastlane tools for build and release process and this is what we use to deploy Sensorama for production. If you're setup with the fastlane you can do:

./ fastlane

and for tests, you can do:

./ test_fastlane

Usability tests

I've made some usability tests with paper prototypes for Sensorama. See them on my YouTube channel:

Help wanted

Projects/tickets are present in the Issues/Projects database on GitHub:

If you want to help out, I have some projects for you. I'd offer a bit of my time if you offer to contribute. Some of them:

  • do a code review
  • do a security audit
  • improve onboarding (use EAIntro extension)
  • move us to Carthage
  • improve tests for Sensorama
  • move us to ZIP compression
  • make a backend for Sensorama

Contact me before in case you want to work on something.

Known issues

Sensor switches are untested. The "logout" screen has "with subtitle" in it (should have e-mail).


Jetbrains offered me an Open Source License for the whole suite of their products, and it's great. Their website: