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Scripts to help you stay productive offline

This repository has scripts which will make you more productive offline. Each individual directory is named with a site name. You can enter it, type 'make', and get site's content downloaded for offline viewing. Right now PDF format is supported only. This stuff has been tested on iPad Pro, which is my primary reading platform.

I don't support illegal scrubbing (stealing content and repurposing it without giving credit), so this repo is only for reader's convenience, so that you can read blog articles and essays offline, when you're in the train on a crappy Internet connection.

If you want to support offline website with a paid content, remember to make script be parametrizable, and remove the login/password credentials before submitting stuff here.

Example: NSScreencasts are nice, but don't support offline mode well. So nsscreencast/ has a script which will take your user name and password.

How to use

To workaround Homebrew bug, download Ghostscript 9.19 to _gs directory and unpack it there, and then set:

export GS_LIB=`pwd`/_gs/ghostscript-9.19/Resource/Init/

Currently supported

Website Description
alertbox/ Nielsen Norman Group "Alertbox" articles
alistapart A List Apart articles
indiehackers Indie Hackers interviews
bitfountain Bitfountain Autolayout tutorials (incomplete; didn't have a patience to figure out what they do)
nsscreencast NSScreencasts


Stuff for iPad/iPhone reading/listening/watching offline




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