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Building an Open Source iOS app: lessons learned

Dec 12, 2016, Hacker Dojo (Santa Clara), 6pm

In this talk I'm going to talk about lessons learned from building Sensorama (, an Open Source sensor platform for data science. The main theme of the talk will be Open Source: what is great about it, what is bad and how you must become a part of the Open Source community to really move quickly and benefit from it. For this project, I did both the code and the design, so you'll have a chance to see how solo-developer deals with time/feature constraints, which tools I've used and what my approach towards development in this mode is. In other words: I'll tell you what I did to stay sane. If the iOS development were a walk in a dark city park, this talk may turn out to be your flashlight. If you like it, star it at GitHub:



We have recorded the video from this event.


Some links from the slides