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applets JmolPlugin added Dec 27, 2008
config fixup #66: wikifarm.route.php class added to support… Nov 20, 2015
contrib fixup #66: update for wikifarm support Nov 20, 2015
css kbd.js: fixed 'z'ap key behavior as expected. Jan 14, 2016
data the KoWikiPedia interwiki added Dec 9, 2015
lib correctly init $nlines (reported by @NbverHub) Dec 19, 2019
local security update SWFUpload with… Dec 11, 2015
locale Update ko.po Jun 13, 2019
plugin 342 행에 정규식에서 ) 가 하나 빠졌습니다. Oct 25, 2017
theme extract blog theme Feb 15, 2016
COPYING release 1.0 Aug 10, 2003
Makefile Makefile: add a missing dir. use symlinks Apr 18, 2009
README fixed README. Aug 19, 2004
THANKS change encoding Jul 13, 2010
config.php.default missing keywords options added. Feb 13, 2016
config.php.default.ko moni-install: do not copy the data dir May 3, 2013
monisetup.bat fixed some messages and add *.bat for Win32 Dec 30, 2003
monisetup.php fixed eval() to fix changed heredoc behavior Dec 19, 2019 posix compliant shell script fix Dec 11, 2015 POSIX compliant shell script update Nov 17, 2015
wiki.php call remove() for non null $mcache case May 8, 2017
wikihttpd.php update wikihttpd.php May 16, 2013
wikismiley.php change smiley >:> to ):) to avoid indentation markup Oct 19, 2007



MoniWiki is a PHP based WikiEngine. WikiFormattingRules are imported and
inspired from the MoinMoin.

Moni is slightly modified sound which means What ? or What is it ? in Korean and It also shows MoniWiki is nearly compatible with the MoinMoin.

If you are familiar with the PHP Script language you can easily add features or enhancements.
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