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= Version 2.0.0
23 Jul 2013
* Removed Integer#months, Integer#years, and replaced Numeric#to_d by Numeric#to_s in the interest of Rails compatibility.
* Converted unit tests from the shoulda framework to minitest.
* Removed octal numbers in test_cashflow.rb
* Thanks to @thadd, @bramswenson, and @xpe for their contributions to this release!
= Version 1.1.2
16 Jun 2012
* Bugfix: Array#irr and Array#xirr check for a valid sequence of cash flows.
* Bugfix: Integer#months and Integer#years no longer collide with Rails methods.
= Version 1.1.0
11 Sep 2011
* Added XNPV and XIRR functions, with basic testing.
* Bugfix: Array#sum no longer collides with the Array#sum defined in Rails.
* Bugfix: Numeric#amortize now correctly calls Finance::Amortization#new.
= Version 1.0.0
20 Jul 2011
* Moved to Ruby 1.9.
* All classes are now contained within the +Finance+ namespace.
* LOTS of additional documentation and examples.
* Introduced _shoulda_ for unit tests, to make things a little more readable.
* Bugfix: The +amortize+ Numeric method now accepts a variable number of rates.
* Some code refactoring and clean-up for a small performance increase.
= Version 0.2.0
28 Jun 2011
* Added support for adjustable rate mortgages.
* Added support for additional payments.
= Version 0.1.1
21 Jun 2011
* Code examples in README now display correctly in the online documentation.
= Version 0.1.0
21 Jun 2011
* Support for fixed-rate mortgage amortization.
* NPV, IRR array methods for cash flow analysis.
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