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coremon game engine: create your python games like a Pro
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coremon engine

Ever dreamed of being able to create your own python games efficiently, in a way that greatly simplifies code reuse? Inroducing coremon engine, the tool that turns this dream into reality!


  • Python 3.7 or higher
  • pygame1.9.6 or higher

The engine may run properly with earlier versions, although I cannot guarantee this behaviour

long-term objective

optimize the production process of indie games meant to be published via the new platform

preview / basic examples

puzzle game

random maze

principles / engine features

  • uses the MVC design pattern
  • event-driven engine
  • allows for easy definition of your own events
  • comes bundled with a set of handy tools: SpriteSheet, RandomMaze for level generation, DijkstraPathfinder for pathfinding, etc.

credits / creation date

authors (c)

  • Thomas "wkta" Iwaszko
  • Phil Hassey

The coremon engine development started somewhere around august 2018. The gui module by Phil Hassey, is older and has been borrowed to ease the creation of popups, buttons, etc.

See LICENSE for license information.

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