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YOURLS Anonymise Plugin

This plugin stops YOURLS recording users' IP addresses, User-Agents, and referrers. Since IPs aren't collected, neither are country codes. It's a rather full-on way to reduce the personal data that YOURLS collects.

It'll somewhat diminish the amount of data in your analytics, but click counts and dates are maintained.

Removing data you've already collected

This plugin won't retroactively delete data you've already stored. To do that:

Step 1

Backup your database in case you delete more than expected.

Step 2

To anonymise visitor data you've already collected, run the following SQL command on your server:

UPDATE `YOUR_TABLE_PREFIX_log` SET `user_agent`="",`ip_address`="",`country_code`="" WHERE 1

Change YOUR_TABLE_PREFIX to the prefix defined in your config file (by default, yourls_).

Step 3

If you also want to delete the IP addresses of the people who created the links, run:


Again, YOUR_TABLE_PREFIX is the prefix defined in your config file (by default, yourls_).


Get the latest release and instructions from the Releases tab.

Data Protection

This plugin doesn't necessarily make you compliant with whatever data protection laws you need to abide by.

You'll need to make your own assessment to see what other action you need to take.

This plugin exists, and that's the only seal of approval on it.