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Alternative interface to bixi

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This is the source to the "nixi" website, which aims to offer a better web-based interface to the BIXI web site.

How to configure

Note that this project uses git submodules to import the Aristo theme. After cloning you'll want to do this on the command line:

git submodule init
git submodule update

If you want to develop/test nixi offline, you can do so by loading "index.html" in your web browser. Note that Chrome refuses to generate marker images locally for some reason that I haven't determined yet (everything works fine in Firefox).

Due to the same origin policy enforced by web browsers, bike station information needs to be served up from the same server as that of the main site's HTML/Javascript. I currently use the '' script (running as cron job) to periodically sync information from the BIXI web site onto the server (converting it to json from xml using a small python script in the process).

Credits / Acknowledgements

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