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A free serverless web editor
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This project is still in early development !!

A one page web application to build responsive web pages quickly and still have full control over the created HTML, JS and CSS.
It comes with own little components to build a whole page. But you can always create your own or use already created ones.
No dependencies like JQuery or Bootstrap are used in this project but they can be added easily to your page.

I created this project because good "what you see is what you get" editors are too expensive and almost always have a monthly fee. So why pay for something i can do myself?

Getting Started

Either use the online version or create a local copy with:

 > git clone
 > cd gwvp/
 > npm install

and run it with npm start


I'm using Gitflow to make my life easier

  1. Fork it!
  2. Follow this simple guide
  3. Submit a pull request

CLI Scripts:

execute with npm run {{command}}

test - run all Javascript tests
testw - run Javascript tests in watch mode
testc - get Javascript test coverage report
build - build whole project (see webpack.config.js)
start - build program in watch mode with a dev-server
docs - create inline documentation HTML-page
license - get all production relevant licensenses
lints - get SASS lint report
lintj - get Javascript lint report

Made with:

  • Font Awesome for awesome icons
  • and custom configurable development dependencies

Made with (for development):


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