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Jeff Leek is an Associate Professor of Biostatistics and Oncology at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health and the author of several books, articles, talks, software packages, and blog posts about statistics, genomics, reproducibility and replicability in science, and much more. You can find standard introductions here, there, and everywhere. But only a tale of Twitter reveals how he rose above the other übermensches and became a legend.

> library(devtools)
> install_github("wlandau/JeffLeekMeme")
> library(JeffLeekMeme)
> JeffLeek()
Correlation implies whatever Jeff Leek tells it to imply - Kenny Shirley
> JeffLeek()
CRAN checks itself before it submits to Jeff Leek. - Branden Collingsworth
> JeffLeek()
Jeff Leek supports both vector and matrix machines. - Yihui Xie
> JeffLeek()
Git commits to Jeff Leek. - Martin J Frigaard
> JeffLeek()
If you divide a number by 0 in R, the result is Jeff Leek. - Massimiliano Figini


> 1/0
[1] "Jeff Leek"


Fork this repo and submit a pull request to contribute your own true facts to inst/facts.txt. Only positive facts please.

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