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A web app to create new drake projects
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This R/Shiny app is a companion to the drake R package. It helps new users learn drake, and it helps new and experienced users set up new drake-powered projects. Simply provide a drake plan, and drakeplanner will show you the end-to-end dependency graph of your workflow and produce a downloadable R script to get your project started.


This app is available online at If you cannot access it, you can install it locally in an R session.


Then run it on your own machine.



  1. Navigate to the Plan view (left sidebar).
  2. Write your drake plan in the Plan box. The code must return a valid drake plan at the end, ideally with a call to the drake_plan() function.
  3. Write your custom functions in the Functions box.
  4. Click Update button in the Control box.
  5. Optional: click the Download button in the Control box to save your workflow as an R script.


  • Large plans may take time to render. If you encounter slowness, consider setting the max_expand argument of drake_plan() to a small number (not supported in drake version 7.2.0 and below). See this section of the manual for a demonstration.
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