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Added "Writing" to the syntax

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1 parent 0917b5d commit 65e8c665a80da16e033bb3e8d37b1e29b310e7b9 @nathanpc nathanpc committed Oct 16, 2012
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  1. +17 −7 syntax/racket.vim
@@ -55,6 +55,22 @@ syn keyword racketSyntax define* define*-values define*-syntax define*-syntaxes
syn keyword racketSyntax package? package-exported-identifiers package-original-identifiers
syn keyword racketSyntax block #%stratified-body
+" 12.5 Writing
+syn keyword racketSyntax write display displayln print
+syn keyword racketSyntax fprintf printf eprintf format
+syn keyword racketSyntax print-pair-curly-braces print-mpair-curly-braces print-unreadable
+syn keyword racketSyntax print-graph print-struct print-box print-vector-length print-hash-table
+syn keyword racketSyntax print-boolean-long-form print-reader-abbreviations print-as-expression print-syntax-width
+syn keyword racketSyntax current-write-relative-directory port-write-handler port-display-handler
+syn keyword racketSyntax port-print-handler global-port-print-handler
+" 13.7 Custodians
+syn keyword racketSyntax custodian? custodian-memory-accounting-available? custodian-box?
+syn keyword racketSyntax make-custodian custodian-shutdown-all current-custodian custodian-managed-list
+syn keyword racketSyntax custodian-require-memory custodian-limit-memory
+syn keyword racketSyntax make-custodian-box custodian-box-value
" lambda sign
syn match racketSyntax /\<[\u03bb]\>/
@@ -338,12 +354,6 @@ syn keyword racketFunc class-field-accessor class-field-mutator
"5.4.3 Generics
syn keyword racketFunc generic send-generic make-generic
-" 13.7 Custodians
-syn keyword racketFunc custodian? custodian-memory-accounting-available? custodian-box?
-syn keyword racketFunc make-custodian custodian-shutdown-all current-custodian custodian-managed-list
-syn keyword racketFunc custodian-require-memory custodian-limit-memory
-syn keyword racketFunc make-custodian-box custodian-box-value
" 14.1.1 Manipulating Paths
syn keyword racketFunc path? path-string? path-for-some-system? string->path path->string path->bytes
syn keyword racketFunc string->path-element bytes->path-element path-element->string path-element->bytes
@@ -541,4 +551,4 @@ if version >= 508 || !exists("did_racket_syntax_inits")
delcommand HiLink
-let b:current_syntax = "racket"
+let b:current_syntax = "racket"

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