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Per the docs for/flvector and for*/flvector are syntax
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2 parents ce6e16d + e487d75 commit f76fde9afbc008b7468c9ea026cbe3840af5f5ef @wlangstroth committed on GitHub Jan 22, 2017
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@@ -155,8 +155,8 @@ syn keyword racketFunc flreal-part flimag-part
" Flonum Vectors
syn keyword racketFunc flvector? flvector make-flvector flvector-length
syn keyword racketFunc flvector-ref flvector-set! flvector-copy in-flvector
-syn keyword racketFunc for/flvector for*/flvector
syn keyword racketFunc shared-flvector make-shared-flvector
+syn keyword racketSyntax for/flvector for*/flvector
" 3.2.4 Fixnums
syn keyword racketFunc fx+ fx- fx* fxquotient fxremainder fxmodulo fxabs

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